Analyst Coverage

Following financial institutions are covering Melexis:

Company  Analyst  Latest Recommendation  Latest Update 
KBC Securities  Guy Sips  Accumulate MAR 13, 2017 
Natixis  Stéphane Houri  Reduce FEB 8, 2017 
ING Bank  Nigel Van Putten  Hold FEB 8, 2017 
Bank Degroof Petercam  Marcel Achterberg  Buy FEB 24, 2017 
UBS  Francois-Xavier Bouvignies  Sell  FEB 13, 2017 
Liberum Capital Janardan Menon  Hold  FEB 8, 2017
Bryan Garnier & Cie Dorian Terral Sell FEB 8, 2017


Inspired Engineering

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