Portrait DwaynePreventive Maintenance Technician

Ypres - Belgium

Five years ago, I started at Melexis as a technician, because a friend suggested  to join. I had just finished high school and was still figuring out which direction to go. After a while at Melexis, I really started to appreciate the job I was doing. Every day I was learning new things, I’ve never heard about before. I realized my high school degree (informatics) would never suffice to grow in my job and in the company.

I started to follow courses during the evening, and Melexis gave me educational leave and organized my shifts so I could go to class. This year I will obtain my Associate degree in Electromechanics and I am really proud of that. Even better is that I recently became part of the maintenance team. Life at Melexis is one big journey, even literally. When we ordered a new machine, Melexis gave me the opportunity to go to Malaysia to test the machine, before it was shipped to us. It shows how much my Team Lead trusts a young, studious man like me. To me, Melexis is all about personal growth and trust.

Inspired Engineering

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