Evaluation Board for MLX90109


The EVB90109 is an assembled module that allows evaluating the advantages of the Melexis MLX90109 transceiver integrated circuit (IC). It will facilitate the starts of radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications and can be implemented in a compact way, with minimum development time and minimum final system cost.

All pins of the MLX90109 reader are available on a dual in-line (DIL) socket for easy control with an external microcontroller. Two extra pins have been added for extended control options on the voltage on the MODU pin.

The EVB90109 can be used as a 125 kHz reader, to read out the load modulation from a transponder. It can also be used to send information to a transponder using On/Off keying modulation. For fast protocol, which required fast fall time on the reader’s antenna, the EVB90109 includes a “fast decay” circuit composed of an external transistor and diode in parallel on the antenna. This circuit is accessible through a digital pin on the DIL-10 connector.
Evaluation Board for MLX90109 - EVB90109

Features and benefits

  • Minimum PCB size (30*30 mm) including a MLX90109 transceiver IC and an optimized antenna

  • Tuned resonance frequency to 125 kHz

  • Modulation network on board for a maximum flexibility

  • Setup for fast On/Off keying modulation mode

  • DIL-10 footprint for easy mounting on prototype setup and development kit
Used in these


  • Medical & Healthcare
  • White Goods & Household Appliances

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