Optical Switch SensorEyeC


The Melexis MLX75303 Optical Switch SensorEyeC is an easy-to-use Schmitt Trigger output light sensor. The sensor is designed for high-volume applications like day/night detection, paper feed detection in copiers and printers, LCD backlight dimming, LED light control, infrared range detection and safety screens.

All sensors are RoHS compliant and suited for solder reflow 260°C. AEC-Q100 qualified versions for automotive applications up to +125°C operating temperature are available.

The SensorEyeC series are perfect replacements for discrete photodiodes, phototransistors and light dependant resistors (LDR). SensorEyeC devices are integrated light sensors with photodiode, transimpedance amplifier and output transistor in one chip to simplify application design, enhance quality and minimize use of external components.
Optical Switch SensorEyeC - MLX75303

Features and benefits

  • Dirt robust by light over-saturation up to 1.000x

  • Fast switching

  • Low temperature dependency

  • Small size package DFN3x3

  • Supply voltage 3V..5.5V

  • Solder reflow 260°C

  • Target 0 ppm defects, target <10 ppm

  • Precise responsivity spec over temperature

  • RoHS compliant
Used in these


  • Automotive - Body, HVAC, Comfort & Lighting

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