Speed sensor ICs

Our digital gear tooth sensors and innovative latches & switches are a perfect match for speed sensing applications.

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Continuously adapting gear-tooth sensor


The MLX90217 is a continuously adapting digital gear tooth sensor designed for use in automotive camshaft sensing as well as other speed sensing applications.

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AC-coupled differential Hall-effect gear-tooth sensor


The MLX90254 is an AC-coupled differential gear-tooth sensor which targets automotive crankshaft applications.

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Programmable 3-wire Hall-effect sensor IC


Flexible and programmable 3-wire Hall latch switch sensor IC designed for automotive applications that require excellent performance.

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2-wire Hall-effect switch/latch IC


This programmable advanced Hall-effect switch/latch IC enables end-of-line (EOL) calibration to reduce mechanical tolerances assuring reliable and accurate switching thresholds using only two wires.


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