For your green ICE only

The electrification of the car comes with a transition period in which affordable electric cars and environmentally friendly ICE vehicles arboth needed. Thanks to the most accurate pressure sensor ever made, the last and latest generation of ICE engines can be used without being a burden for the environment.

Automotive functional safety ISO 26262

Within the increasing complexity of technologies in vehicles, the assurance of their proper functionality is becoming a major concern. Melexis follows the ISO 26262 to reduce the risks caused by systematic and random failures. Discover more about ASIL.

Position sensors for motor control feedback loop

Electrical motors are complex systems. In this area there are motor drivers that can perfectly operate without a position sensor (sensorless). So why add extra component(s)?

IMC-Hall® current sensing

We explain here the basis of the IMC-Hall technology and the benefits it brings to current sensing. Discover the concept of the IMC, the handling of stray fields and how to optimize the module.

Smart and connected starts from Latch & Switch ICs

Compared to mechanical switches, Latch & Switch ICs play a key role in numerous applications. They increase flexibility, reliability, functional safety, repeatability, accuracy and the yield of the final assembly.

The cockpit of the future

Discover how the cockpit of the car benefits from semiconductor ICs. From the cockpit environment to a unique seating experience, Melexis sensors and drivers enable further user comfort and safety.

Inductive resolver for e-motor, e-brake and e-steering

Discover why high-speed inductive resolver simplifies automotive electrification. This tech-talk provides the basics on the principle of inductive sensors.

MeLiBu® the new standard protocol for automotive high-speed lighting animation

Discover the new standard protocol for automotive high-speed lighting animation.

Single Mold Package (SMP): compact generation of PCB-less solutions

This Single Mold Package (SMP) brings compactness and robustness. Discover the benefits of PCB-less solutions versus PCBA.

Triaxis®: Unique sensing solution

An innovative magnetic sensor technology capable of very precise 3 axis magnetic field measurement from a single sensor.

Harnessing life-saving chemistry with IR temperature sensors

Medical diagnostic testing is shifting quickly from sending specimens to a specialized medical lab and waiting weeks for results towards testing at the point-of-care. Infrared temperature sensors play a vital but underexposed role in this unstoppable evolution.

World’s first TPMS integrated by OEMs with Bluetooth® Technology

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) provides numerous benefits for the owner of an EV/HEV through proper control of the pressure of the tires.