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Triaxis: Unique Position Sensing Solution

Triaxis®: Unique sensing solution

An innovative magnetic sensor technology capable of very precise 3 axis magnetic field measurement from a single sensor.
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How automotive cockpit benefits from semiconductor ICs I Melexis

The cockpit of the future

Discover how the cockpit of the car benefits from semiconductor ICs. From the cockpit environment to a unique seating experience, Melexis sensors and drivers enable further user comfort and safety.
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Introduction to continuous-wave time-of-flight

Introduction to continuous-wave time-of-flight

This video introduces the necessary concepts to technically understand the principle of continuous-wave time-of-flight (cwToF). This supports you in choosing the right technology for your application.
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Medical-grade temperature sensors - Melexis

An intelligent approach to eliminating thermal disturbances in non-contact temperature measurement

Temperature measurement is a basic element of any healthcare regime. Portable devices for measuring body temperature become highly popular.
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Position sensors for motor control feedback loop

Electrical motors are complex systems. In this area there are motor drivers that can perfectly operate without a position sensor (sensorless). So why add extra component(s)?

Smart and connected starts from Latch & Switch ICs

Compared to mechanical switches, Latch & Switch ICs play a key role in numerous applications. They increase flexibility, reliability, functional safety, repeatability, accuracy and the yield of the final assembly.

Magnetic Latch and Switch: Experience matters

25+ years in latch and switch has given Melexis a unique view of market needs.