Comfort Sensing for Air Conditioning Systems (Automotive)

Comfort Sensing - Melexis 


Effective operation of the vehicle’s climate control system is of paramount importance to its occupants and this is accomplished through feedback of data. Melexis’ IC solutions are involved in virtually every element of the communication process with the assigned electronic control unit (ECU).

The infrared (IR) temperature sensing devices from Melexis present a much more accurate and cost-effective method for measuring body temperature than conventional approaches. Instead of measuring a sample of the air, Melexis they measure body temperature directly.

The highly advanced digital sensor interfaces that accompany these sensors have allowed reliability and design complexity issues that alternative solutions face to be overcome. Furthermore, Melexis’ has a portfolio of brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver ICs, HVAC actuator flap driver ICs, fan controllers, magnetic valve position sensor ICs, pressure sensors, pressure sensor interface ICs, LIN transceivers and microcontroller units (MCUs) to support the implementation of climate control systems.

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