Position and Speed Sensors

Hall-Effect devices detect magnetic flux density and are used in both movement and position sensing. By integrating the sensing element onto the same silicon as its control logic and interface circuitry, Melexis has produced sensor chips with different degrees of intelligence to suit a vast array of applications. A pioneer in linear, programmable Hall effect sensors, Melexis created new markets for precise, accurate rotary and linear position indication. Incorporating memory and simple in-situ programmability enabled customers to replace mechanical potentiometers and encoders in under hood, safety and drive-by-wire applications. Whether sensing actuator, pedal, throttle and steering wheel position, the rotation of camshafts or crankshafts in an engine or monitoring movement in motors Melexis Hall devices offer a reliable, contactless method of movement and position detection. 

Melexis is a technological leader in the design, development and testing of integrated Hall-Effect devices, combining a Hall element with sophisticated mixed signal conditioning circuitry, such as digital signal processing cores, microcontrollers and memory to achieve small, precise and reliable sensing solutions. Melexis’ contactless sensing capabilities and our use of very few external components mean our Hall Effect sensors can withstand the hostile operating conditions of automotive applications.

Hall effect sensors are employed in many challenging functions, such as for throttle position sensor, steering wheel position sensor, ignition sensor, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, abs wheel speed sensor, gearshift sensor, current sensor, proximity sensor, pressure transducer, inclinometer and even to wake up smart phones when opened or removed from the case.