Working in a future oriented company?

Become an operator or technician at Melexis!

Melexis engineers design the future. Our operators and technicians don’t just manufacture ICs, they shape the greenification of this planet, boost efficiency and inspire future generations to even more innovation. Join the Melexis team to create the best imaginable future. We offer engaging job content, high-quality training to our employees, personal development, work-life balance and encourage continuous learning.

Our operators handle our high tech machines. They are responsible for different machines that make sure our microchips perform the right way. The operators work in two shifts (early/late) or at night.

Our technicians love to solve problems and keep our high tech machines up and running. The technicians work in two shifts (early/late) or at night.

If you are interested in a position as operator or technician, Melexis has something to offer you. Together we can shape the future. Ours and yours. That’s what we are good at. Come and join us! Subscribe and join our Job Day on Saturday 25 September (9h or 11h). Visit us and talk to us, we believe this is an ideal way to get to know each other. And you can see your new working environment. This event will take place in our site in the Sint-Krispijnstraat in Ieper.

If you want to work for Melexis, but you are not a technician or operator, take a look at our career page.

Job Day

- Saturday 25 September (9h or 11h)

Sint Krispijnstraat n/a
8900 Ieper

For who?
Everybody that is interested in a position as operator or technician

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Jobevent Melexis 2021
Jobevent Melexis 2021
Jobevent Melexis 2021