Application note for MLX91220 - Over Current Detection

The MLX91220 is an Integrated Current Sensor that senses the current flowing through the leadframe of the SOIC package. By virtue of fixing the current conductor position with respect to the monolithic CMOS sensor, a fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor is obtained, that is factory calibrated.

For the SOIC16 package version, the MLX91220 provides two OCD features that allow detecting overcurrent applied on the integrated sensor primary. The detection of overcurrent does not trigger any internal safety mechanism. It is up to the application to use the overcurrent information.

The internal overcurrent detection level is factory calibrated and is used for detecting dangerously high current to prevent short circuits for example.

The external overcurrent detection level can be set by the user through external resistance connected to VDD and VREF or through an external reference level.

Application note for MLX91220 - Over Current Detection


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  • Revision 3, January 2023