PTC-04 - Programmer for Melexis PTC devices

The PTC-04 programmer was designed for efficient and precise calibration of the Melexis families of programmable ICs. The programmer is designed to be easily adapted to a standard PC and to an application module to allow calibration of programmable sensor ICs within the operating environment.

PTC-04 - Programmer for Melexis PTC devicesThe PTC-04 programmer contains its own programmable power supply and measurement circuitry. And it is similar to a standard EEPROM programmer, but adds many special features such as 16-bit voltage and current measurement capability, and configuration options that will accommodate users from the prototyping phase directly into production.

An IBM compatible PC is required (not included) to load software to the programmer and control the functions of the programmer. Communication is done through a standard RS-232 null modem cable to a COM port of the PC or via USB. The PC requires no custom configuration, allowing the programmer to be used with any PC with a COM port speed of 115.2kbs or a standard USB 1.1 or USB 2.0.

Features and benefits

  • Universal programming utility
  • Fast development
  • Fast plug-in for software applications
  • Atmega128 Core
  • Firmware updatable via RS232 and USB
  • FPGA updatable via RS232 and USB
  • 3 High current programmable supplies
  • 1 High speed fast
  • 16-bit level settings
  • 16-bit differential measurements
  • 4 analog comparators
  • Vector generator
  • I²C to daughter board
  • Mountable in 19” rack

Documents and downloads

PTC-04 (PDF 620 KB, rev8 - January 2021)
PTC-04 DB 922xx (PDF - 348 KB, rev1.2 - August 2020)
Used for programming MLX92232, MLX92242, and MLX92292 on PTC-04
PTC Testbench Magnetic (PDF - 147 KB)
To be used with PTC-04 DB HALL01
PTC Testbench MLX90316 (PDF - 102 KB)
To be used with PTC-04 DB 90316
PTC-04 DB 90316 (PDF 0.76 MB, rev5 - February 2021)
Used for programming MLX90316, MLX90324, MLX90333, MLX90340, MLX90360, MLX90364, MLX90365, MLX90366, and MLX90367 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB HALL01 (PDF 938 KB, rev3 - August 2020)
Used for programming MLX90215, MLX90244, MLX90251, MLX90277 and MLX90280 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB HALL02 (PDF 1.12 MB, rev2.2 - August 2020)
Used for programming MLX90275 and MLX90264 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB HALL03 (PDF 949 KB, rev5 - August 2020)
Used for programming MLX90288, MLX90291, MLX90292, MLX91206 and MLX91207 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB HALL04 (PDF - 754 KB)
Used for programming MLX90292 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB HALL05 (PDF 966 KB, rev5 - August 2020)
Used for programming MLX91208 and MLX91209 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB HALL06 (PDF 1.58 MB, rev6 - August 2020)
Used for programming MLX90371, MLX90372, MLX90373, MLX90374, MLX90378, and MLX90380 on PTC-04
Used for programming MLX90809,MLX90818, MLX90328 and MLX90329 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB SPI (PDF 961 KB, rev3 - August 2020)
Used for programming MLX90363 on PTC-04
PTC-04 DB FastLoader (PDF - 133 KB)
PTC-04 Hardware History (PDF 198 KB, rev1.5 - December 2020)
Selection guides
PTC-04 and daughterboards for position and pressure sensor products (PDF 1.27 MB)
Additional resources
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on PTC-04 (PDF - 1.21 MB)
Get started with PTC-04 (PDF 247 KB, rev7 - December 2020)
Software installation guide for PTC-04 (PDF - 639 KB)
USB driver installation guide for PTC-04 (PDF - 501 KB)
Replacing daughter board of PTC-04 (PDF - 671 KB)
User manual for calibrating software for PTC-04 (PDF - 716 KB)

Video: Detailed introduction to the PTC-04 universal programmer tool for magnetic sensors (5m16s)