SW 90316 PTC04 - Evaluation Software for MLX90316

The SW 90316 PTC-04 software provides a tool to evaluate the MLX90316 product and to tune it to your specific application. A product specific user interface provides the necessary buttons and handles to experiment. The used hardware is a PTC-04 programming utility. Alternatively the package provides a DLL in order to allow your own software to interface with simple functions. The use of the DLL will decrease your development time.

There are mainly two parts:

  • The user interface containing a user-interface and examples to create your own software
  • The DLL containing the API and firmware needed to talk with the device by using a PTC-04 hardware

Features and benefits

  • Evaluation software for the MLX90316
  • DLL for interface between the MLX90316 and your own software
  • Documentation for fast integration to your production process

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