SW PTC-04 - General software for PTC-04

This package provides the Melexis Programming Toolbox (MPT) platform, the general PTC-04 libraries and the corresponding documentation.

As you can see in the software diagram on the right, the software is always structured in four levels. The highest level is the MPT which is not more than a toolbox for the user to make his life easy and to get acquainted with the product. Below you have the layer of the User interfaces, the PSF level and finally the firmware layer.

Features and benefits

  • Upload firmware
  • Calibration check PTC-04
  • General check-up
  • Configuration
  • Revision check

Documents and downloads

PTC-04 Product specific functions (software library) (EXE - 855 KB)
PTC-04 User Interface (EXE - 957 KB)
PTC-04 Melexis Programming Toolbox (MPT) (EXE - 779 KB)
Melexis Programming Toolbox (MPT) Developer Reference (CHM - 321 KB)
FTDI-USB driver package installer (EXE - 1.30 MB)
Additional resources
Software installation guide for PTC-04 (PDF - 639 KB)
USB driver installation guide for PTC-04 (PDF - 501 KB)
User Interface guide for PTC-04 (PDF - 365 KB)
Product specific functions (software library) for PTC-04 (PDF - 1.76 MB)
Melexis Programming Toolbox (MPT) for PTC-04 (PDF - 359 KB)