Melexis Universal Master (MUM)

For engineering development, the “Melexis Universal Master” can be used as a master device in order control and program Melexis ICs via following interfaces:

  • LIN
  • PPM
  • FastLIN
  • MeLiBu

Connection with PC is done via USB or Ethernet.


General MUM documentation Type Revision Date
Melexis Universal Master - Manual .pdf 018 June 2024
Melexis Universal Master - Image (default) .7z 2.2.1 -

Hardware kit


This hardware kit contains the following items:

  • Melexis Universal Master (MUM)
  • 5V power supply with interchangeable mains connector
  • USB cable
MUM - Overview

Top view

MUM - Top view

  • Status: LED currently not used
  • Ready: LED displays the working status of the “Melexis Universal Master”
    • Red: device is busy (e.g. startup, shutdown or update)
    • Green: device is ready for use
    • Off: device is shut down and can be removed from the powersupply
  • Trigger: Button currently not used
  • Power: Button to start and shutdown the device

Left side view

MUM - Left side

  • Ethernet: Ethernet connector for controlling the device
  • USB client: USB client connector for controlling the device
  • 5VDC 2A: Power supply connector

Right view

MUM - Right side

  • I/O port: Male D-SUB15 I/O port connector
  • USB host: USB host connector (currently not used)
  • MicroSD: MicroSD card slot used to the update the “Melexis Universal Master” software