Setting new standards in safety & user experience: camera-based in-cabin understanding

Emotion3D offers state of the art computer vision and machine learning software for image-based analysis of in-cabin environments. This analysis enables a comprehensive understanding of humans and objects inside a vehicle. It is the basic building block for intelligent safety and user experience functions. Emotion3D offer software for driver as well as occupant monitoring.

Emotion3D’s software is compatible with Melexis’ ToF products and provides highly accurate and robust 2D and 3D estimations. All algorithms run on PC and embedded platforms and can quickly be customized to your needs.

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  • Driver Drowsiness Monitoring
  • Driver Distraction Warning
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Body Joint Estimation
  • Head Pose Estimation
  • Eye Analysis (Position, Gaze, Openness)
  • Emotion recognition



Contact: Benedikt Spannocchi - Head of Business Development emotion3D (bsp@emotion3d.ai)
Website: www.emotion3d.ai

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