Driver monitoring system (DMS) with eye tracking software for automotive grade 3D time-of-flight (ToF) sensors

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Eyeware develops eye tracking software and head pose tracking solutions in the automotive and consumer device sector, based on state of the art computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology. The industry-leading head movement range enables a very high signal availability and tracking robustness for driver monitoring use cases using Melexis ToF sensors.

  • Monitor drowsiness and fatigue with head pose, eye gaze and eye closure detection under a wide range of head positions.
  • Adapt driver assistance systems and alarms based on "eyes on the road" and "eyes off the road" tracking.
  • Use a single sensor to track gaze and head pose of driver and passenger for in-cabin human-machine interaction (HMI).
  • Change in-cabin illumination based on attention detection.
  • Combine eye tracking with voice and gestures for a natural HMI experience without a wake-up word.
White paper:
Head pose and gaze estimation using 3D ToF data



  • Eye tracking
  • Eye position tracking in 3D (<5mm depth error)
  • Eye closure detection
  • Head pose tracking
  • Driver and passenger monitoring with single VGA ToF sensor (110° horizontal FOV)


Contact: Bastan Prenaj (contact@eyeware.tech​)
Website: https://eyeware.tech