Melexis EVK alternative with robust housing and simple USB interface

ACUS develop and provide demo kits for Melexis Time-of-Flight (ToF) products.

The demo kit is a complete ToF camera and can be directly connected to a PC for visualization and recording of depth map data while allowing direct access to basic parameters. It has a compact and robust housing (54x55x23 mm) and supports distance up to four meters with an accuracy of 1%.

The module is integrated with the smart embedded data processing algorithm. Depth image, grayscale image and point cloud picture can be output through the micro USB 2.0 interface.

More information on a new kit will come soon


  • (new, coming soon) Based on generation 3 QVGA Time-of-Flight chipset
  • QVGA resolution
  • 60 klux sunlight rejection
  • 70° field-of-view (FOV)
  • Up to four meters distance


The A100 demo kit is distributed by ACUS Technologies.

Contact: Hans He (

EVK75123 Alternative with robust housing and simple USB interface