Infrared Thermometer Sensors

Melexis’ infrared (IR) sensors, are silicon micro-machined thermopiles with digital outputs that boast high reliability and low power consumption. Melexis infrared sensors provide fast, yet highly accurate and calibrated non-contact temperature measurement.

The precision of Melexis’ micromachining capabilities, together with our superior signal conditioning chip design, results in industry leading temperature measurement accuracy, with resolutions as high as 0.02 degrees C.

Many of Melexis infrared sensors are factory calibrated and thus can be referred to as thermometers. These cover a wide temperature range for both the object temperature being measured and the sensor temperature itself, making our sensors suitable for thermally demanding environments.

Melexis’ infrared sensors enable fast and easy design into new and existing applications in industrial, automotive, medical and consumer OEM products. For example, infrared sensors have long been used in process monitoring to measure the temperature of products moving along a production line. Today, they are also used as control sensors for air conditioning systems in homes, cars and industrial settings, for floor heating and electric room heaters, in battery monitors, microwave ovens, clothes dryers, home health monitors including fever thermometers, hairdryers, printers and copiers.

Melexis' infrared sensors are used in thermometer guns for the food industry, where they check food temperature during different stages of the transport and display chain. In addition, Melexis’ infrared devices have also been applied in many medical scenarios, from blood storage, dialysis and analysis systems, to neonatal incubators, as well as heart and lung pumps in the operating theatre.