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Melexis latch solutions for BLDC motor commutation

With 25+ years of experience in Latch & Switch, Melexis already realized success stories at market leaders in hand-held power tools. Discover how you can benefit from our optimized solutions.


Why Melexis?



  • Well suited for 3-phase BLDC motor commutation
    • Hand-held power tools
    • E-bikes
    • Server fan
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Flow meter
    • ...

The benefits

  • Robust component
    • ESD withstand up to 8 kV HBM
    • EMC performances
    • Reverse supply voltage protection
    • Under voltage detection
  • Low power with typical operating current of 2.1mA
  • Low voltage / Wide range options
    • 2.5-5.5 V (MLX92214)
    • 2.7-24V (MLX92215)

Low voltage allows to directly supply the IC from the MCU (no LDO needed)
Low Voltage & wide range help extend the runtime of the battery (e.g. Li-ion cells)

  • High sensitivity eases the magnet selection. It allows the use of cheaper magnets or relieves constraints on the air gap
  • Predefined settings available
  • Package options (TSOT, UTQFN and UA)


MLX92214 DC-BLDC Motor commutation control

Why BLDC motor instead of DC

Why BLDC motor instead of DC?

BLDC motors are more efficient and also save weight (compared to DC).

What is 3-phase BLDC motor communication?

What is 3-phase BLDC motor communication?

In order to have a 3-phase BrushLess DC (BLDC) motor in motion, it is required to supply the appropriate windings sequentially. Commutation is the process of switching between the phases.

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