Internship: Development of Microservices for the automation and management of production processes - Ieper, Belgium

Internship: Development of Microservices for the automation and management of production processes (implementing the 'Smart Factory' of the future)

Your future job

On the production floor of Melexis, microchips are being tested on a whole series of parameters in order to make sure only chips passing all necessary quality checks are being shipped to the customers. Therefore, different types of machines and applications are used. To optimise further the production processes, a ‘Smart Factory’ program is set up (following the ‘Industry 4.0’ concept), having as purpose to further digitise and automise the activities, to increase the efficiency, and to manage and monitor end-to-end the machines and production processes.

Within the program, the following developments are foreseen:

  • The development of an integrated application for operators, technicians, shift leaders,… based on which they will be able to see their planning, the actions they have to execute, and the status and performance of the machines and production processes they are working on.
  • Dashboards with a (semi-)real time view on the performance of the processes of a complete production floor. 
  • Services to manage the communication with the machines on the production floor (building a common 'Equipment management shell' based on the OPC/UA protocol). 
  • Services implementing the different manufacturing processes on top of our 'Manufacturing Data Integration Layer' (the core of our ISA-95 based 'Smart Factory' solution, implemented via an event-based architecture). 
  • Services for the configuration and management of manufacturing applications.

Depending on the progress of the currently running projects and individual preferences, the focus will be more or less on one or more of the above parts of the development.

Your profile

  • Student in Bachelor or Master in IT 
  • IT software analysis, design and development practices 

  • Minimal: Java development (preferably with the above mentioned libs & platforms)

  • Preferably: Git/Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes 

  • Data engineering technologies (for the related projects)

Main technologies used:

  • Java (Maven, sprint boot, apache camel, IntelliJ,…)
  • Javascript (React, nodejs,…)
  • Python, Django, GraphQL
  • Test automation based on Cucumber and Selenium
  • Service management platforms and continuous delivery (Kubernetes, Docker, Git/gitlab CI,….)
  • Microservices and event-based application architecture (using event brokers like ActiveMQ, Kafka and Google Cloud Pub/Sub)
  • Local and Google Cloud infrastructure (apps engine, BigQuery, Google Data Studio,…)

We offer

  • a challenging job in a dynamic high-tech international environment
  • the opportunity to take ownership of your professional passion in order to contribute to the success of the company
  • an enjoyable, team-oriented and professional atmosphere in a flat-structured organization
  • versatile development opportunities