IR Illumination Latest Innovations for ToF

Emerging trends in inCabin automotive sensing are requiring wider FOVS and longer distance ranges, driving innovation in 3D technologies like ToF (Time-of-Flight) both on component and system level.

In the past 3D sensing technologies including ToF required complex know how of not only the sensing components but also the required emitting, active pulsed illumination, circuitry to create a successful and performant camera system.

Each Time-of-Flight system, more specifically the illumination, is made out of optical elements (lenses and filters) and electrical elements (PCB schematic design and layout design). Often this knowledge is distributed between different players.

The following white paper will go into detail how a cooperation between different ToF players: Melexis, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, Stanley Electric and Lumentum enable innovations in illumination: VCSEL and driver, driving next-gen of Time-of-Flight cameras:

  • High performant
  • Robust
  • Easy design-in
  • Eye-safe
  • Cost-effective

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