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Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller Gen II


The Melexis MLX81205 and MLX81207 are both members of a highly integrated 3-phase motor controller family for 12V automotive applications. The family includes versions in different pin counts and packages. It follows the Melexis high integration concept by putting a 16-bit-Flash-Microcontroller, voltage regulator, LIN-protocol, Power-FET-Gate-Driver and several blocks for BLDC motor operation in one single integrated circuit (IC).


The chip family supports sensorless and sensor based BLDC motor operation. And it addresses mainly permanent running BLDC motors that can be found in pumps, blowers and fans, but also positioning BLDC actuators can be supported. Additionally, this family follows the Melexis TruSense sensorless BLDC motor control technology.

TruSense Technology

The Melexis TruSense technology combines reluctance measurements with back electro-motive force (BEMF) sensing, yielding highly accurate rotor position information in a very wide dynamic range and under heavily changing loads. Because of that, also very demanding applications operating under unknown torque as transmission oil pumps can be controlled in a sensorless way.

The pulse-width modulation (PWM) driving scheme might be adapted to any motor current shape, achieving the best possible efficiency, low torque ripple and minimal conducted and radiated emissions.

TruSense also allows a very fast motor start-up as well as operation at very low speeds. TruSense supports block mode commutation, trapezoidal and sinusoidal motor currents and achieves a low noise performance.

Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller Gen II - MLX81205-MLX81207

Features and benefits

  • Very robust

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Fast start-up, accelerate and run under unknown load conditions

  • Low noise operation

  • Block, trapezoidal and sinusoidal motor currents

  • Delta and star motor configuration (no star point required)

  • Embedded Flash controller for high temperature environment

  • Voltage regulator

  • RC/XTAL oscillator

  • NFET predriver with bootstrap and VDS monitor

  • Integrated LIN or PWM protocol

  • Flash programming on module level via 1-pin LIN or PWM interface

  • AEC-Q100 grade 0 qualified up to 150 °C ambient temperature
Used in these


  • Automotive - Powertrain
  • Automotive - Hybrid & Electric Powertrain
  • Automotive - Body, HVAC, Comfort & Lighting
This product was developed in partnership with these



driveXpert GmbH

driveXpert offers to customers electric motor developments, magnetic simulation and measurements, motor design, rapid prototyping towards first motor samples, and test environments for electric motors.

They also offer pure consulting as well as full system developments. Mechatronics integration, electronics development in HW and SW, HW and SW consulting service as well as developments based on Melexis motor controllers MLX81200/01, MLX81205/07/10/15, MLX80251, MLX81100, MLX81150, and MLX80151.

Melexis and driveXpert are working together in the field of BLDC motor control for classic BLDC motors, switched reluctance (SR-Motors).
Melexis and driveXpert sponsor a team of the World Econ Move race in Japan with a new BLDC motor and drive electronics.

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