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We are a pioneer in LIN RGB drivers providing unique solutions for automotive, from static to highly animated lighting applications.

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Smart multi-channel RGB-LED driver


The MLX81116 is a multi-channel RGB-LED driver that enables high-speed light animations especially with the MeLiBu™ communication interface.

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Single chip LIN RGB controller


The MLX81113 IC is a fully integrated low-end LIN slave for ambient light applications in automotive environments to drive via LIN bus RGB LEDs.

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LIN RGB slave for ambient light applications - LIN slave for IO extension


Providing single chip solution for driving up to 4 LEDs (RGB+1) via constant current sources in automotive ambient lighting applications.

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LIN-to-LIN gateway


The MLX81120 is a fully integrated LIN Slave IC for ambient light applications.

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Single channel LIN RGB controller IC gen 2


The single-channel MLX81112 provide a robust and reliable low-BOM solution to driving LEDs via constant current sources.

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Dual channel LIN RGB controller gen 2


The dual channel LIN slave LED driver IC deliver the precise control of RGB lighting needed to personalize cabin interiors, improve driver attention and enhance the overall driving experience.

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High power LED driver for automotive


High power LED driver for automotive.

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