Temperature Sensors

If you want to measure accurately and contactless, you've come to the right place.
We offer a broad range of solutions you can integrate into your systems to measure any temperature range.


Handheld InfraRed Non-Contact Thermometer


Integrated digital non-contact infrared thermometer for measurement of surface temperatures by analyzing the invisible far infrared spectrum emitted from an object.


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Far Infrared Thermal Sensor Array (32x24 RES)


See the unseen and get access to the thermal world around you with the MLX90640 far infrared (IR) thermal sensor array.

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Far Infrared Sensor Array at High Speed with Low Noise (16x4 RES)


Infrared sensor array that can measure a temperature distribution on a surface or in a room with a 16x4 resolution and a total field of view of 120°x30°, 60°x15° or 40°x10°.  Due to its parallel architecture, it can measure at high speed with low noise. The MLX90621 comes in a TO-39 can.


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Automotive Quad Thermocouple Interface IC


Precise, reliable temperature measurements enable better engine and exhaust control for emission reduction.

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Temperature Sensor Interface


Automotive high temperature interface for thermocouples (up to 1.300°C) and PTC sensors (up to 950°C) with PWM and SENT output.


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Thermal Infrared Thermopile Sensor for High Temperature Measurements


This high stability thermal infrared thermopile sensor has integrated signal conditioning electronics and electronic stabilization functions for high and accurate measurements in demanding applications. Wide temperature sensing range.

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Digital, Plug & Play Infrared Thermometer in an Ultra Small TO-Can


Digital, plug & play infrared thermometer in an ultra small TO-can.


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Digital Plug & Play Infrared Thermometer in a TO-Can


Digital plug & play infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement in a TO39.


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Practical Applications for Temperature Sensors

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