Programming and software tools

Get the right programming and software tools.

Programming tools
MLXSPI-01 - MLXSPI programming kit
PTC-04 - Programmer for Melexis PTC devices
SW LIN Master - Software for LIN Master
SW LIN PTC-04 - Software for LIN on PTC-04
Software tools
SW 90316 - PTC-04 Evaluation software MLX90316
SW PTC-04 - General software for PTC-04
Open sourcing

Even though many products are primarily hardware, it is often the software that is the differentiator that delivers key benefits for OEMs and end users. As well as defining the features, software also offers the ability to upgrade the product during its lifetime, adding new functionality or ensuring compatibility with new standards and protocols.

Melexis has obtained some of the tools it uses from open sources. By changing or extending the source code of a program, and contributing those changes back to the open source software community, the program matures and becomes more stable and usable. By open sourcing tools, Melexis can benefit from contributions from the software community and ultimately, a stronger toolchain.

MLX90632-library - Library to get people started with the MLX90632 IR Temperature Sensor along with example of its usage
MLX90640-library - Library to get people started with the MLX90640 Far IR Temperature Sensor
MLX90641-library - Library to get people started with the MLX90641 Far IR Temperature Sensor
JSON-to-Mako converter - Enables to auto generate source code and headers from our database of memory layouts (as an example) and allows to style database data for documentation
Warnings plugin (mlx.warnings) - Our in-house command line tool that parses for warnings and adjusts return value according to input parameters; it is used to set the threshold for warnings allowed for certain projects with command line Continuous Integration (Travis, Gitlab-CI, etc.)
Upgrades to functionality of existing projects Melexis contributed to
mlx.traceability - Has received many tests, documentation updates and some new functionalities such as warnings for missing links and the ability to count warnings
Melexis also made improvements in other repositories and soon additional features were added to those programs
Sphinx Doxylink - Melexis contributed a bug fix and that started a chain of additional features and fixes
CMock - Melexis is actively using and contributing to this code