SW71122 - Programming software for MLX71122

The MLX71122 program has been developed for Windows XP and has been tested for later Windows versions. The EVB71122 can be used either with a USB-SPI converter connected to the PC’s USB port or it can be directly connected to the PC’s printer port (LPT).

If the LPT port is used then port addresses 0x278, 0x378 and 0x3BC are supported. A programming cable with a male 25-pole SUB-D connector can be purchased together with the evaluation board EVB71122.

If the PC’s USB port is used, a USB-SPI converter is required. It is available on request or can be purchased together with the evaluation board EVB71122.

The PC programming software can be used to control the operational modes of the MLX71122 RF receiver at its Serial Programming Interface (SPI) through the three pins A/SCLK, B/SDTA and C/SDEN.

Documents and downloads

SW71122 evaluation software (EXE - 1.0 MB)
Additional resources
Wireless automotive entry and go selection guide (PDF - 22.9 KB)

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