Melexis Q4 2006 results

Intermediate declaration by the Board of Directors
Ieper, Belgium - February 7th, 2007, 07.00 hrs CET

The statutory auditors BDO Atrio Bedrijfsrevisoren BCV, have confirmed that their audit procedures, which are now substantially completed, have not revealed any material adjustments that should be made to the accounting information included in this press release.

For the full financial year 2006, Melexis (Euronext: MELE) reported an increase in revenues of 16% compared to the previous year, amounting to revenues of 201.5 mio €. 
Revenues were up in all divisions: Sensors, Wireless, Actuators and Opto, but were particularly high in the Wireless division with an increase of 34% and also in by the Actuator division which saw an increase of 24%.
Geographically, revenues remain high and stable in Europe (42.4%) and grew to 40% in Asia.

Gross margin has increased as compared to 2005: The Company recorded a gross margin of 84.6 mio €, up 17%. The operating result climbed to 42.3 mio €, which equates to increase of 22% in comparison with the financial year 2005. Net profit reached 34.5 mio €, a growth of 23% as compared to 2005.

In the 4th quarter of 2006 revenues were up to 50.4 mio €, 5% more than the same quarter in 2005. The highest increase was again for the Wireless Division with 36% and the Actuator Division with 24%.
Gross margin reached 21.1 mio €, 7% more than the 4th quarter of 2005. 
The operating result was 9.9 mio €, comparable with an increase of 2% to the same quarter of last year. Compared to that same quarter, net profit increased 12%, amounting to 8.8 mio €. 

Rudi De Winter, CEO of Melexis comments:
“2006 extends the track record of more than 10 years in a row double digit organic growth. The wide IP portfolio that we were able to build up thanks to our systematic R&D allows us to book these successes in the stable automotive market.”

Outlook for 2007
For the full year 2007, we expect again a revenue growth of 10-15% compared to 2006. Net profit margin is estimated to be between 16 and 18%. 

Financial Calender
- Shareholders Meeting: April 20, 2007
The BOD decided to organize an extraordinary shareholder's meeting on April 20th. The agenda will be published at a later date.
- Release of Q1-results: April 25, 2007
- Release of H1-results: July 31, 2007
- Release of Q3-results: October 24, 2007

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