Purchase and cancellation of own shares - Disclosure of major shareholding

Regulated Information - Declaration by the Board of Directors.

Tessenderlo, Belgium - 23 April 2012, 6.00 pm CET

On 19 April 2012, Melexis NV purchased 1,180,134 own shares outside the Central Order book from its sub-subsidiary Melexis Technologies NV. The transaction was settled at the Euronext Brussel closing price on Thursday, 19 April of 13,39 euro.

The original acquisition of these shares by Melexis Technologies NV has already been reported periodically in line with the applicable disclosure requirements on share buyback.

As a result of this transaction, the total number of own shares statutorily held by Melexis NV increased from 1,661,726 to 2,841,860, which is 6.57% of all voting rights represented at Melexis NV. Given that the legal threshold of 5% was exceeded, a participation notification was issued in accordance with financial transparency legislation.

The extraordinary general meeting of Melexis NV then decided on 20 April 2012 to proceed with the cancellation of 2,841,860 of its own shares. An additional participation notification was issued in this context.

The total number of Melexis NV voting securities after completion of the above transactions today amounts to 40,400,000. Of these voting securities, 277,690, or 0.69%, are still held by Melexis Technologies NV.

The authorised capital stock of Melexis NV remains unchanged at 564,813.86 EUR. It is represented by 40,400,000 shares with 1 vote each.

The participation notifications issued pursuant to the Transparency Act and the updated shareholders' structure as a result of these transactions can be accessed via:
The updated treasury shares overview can be accessed via: