Melexis: Transparency Declaration by FMR LLC

Regulated information published in view of the transparency directive
Ieper, Belgium - March 21st, 2013 at 18.00 hrs CET

According to the stipulations of Title II of the Law of May 2nd, 2007 and the Royal Decree of February 14th, 2008, a shareholder whose direct or indirect stake reaches, exceeds or falls below a threshold of 5% or a multiple of 5% has to disclose this. Melexis NV has not provided for any statutory threshold provision in its articles of association, by which the statutory threshold of 5% and all of its multiples, is applicable.

On March 20th, 2013 FMR LLC (82 Devonshire Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02109, USA) has sent the following transparency declaration to Melexis NV:

Number of shares and corresponding votes previously held by FMR LLC: 3.325.000
This represents 8,23% of the total votes.

Number of shares and corresponding votes held after the transaction by FMR LLC: 4.042.865
This represents 10,01% of the total votes.
Date on which the threshold of 10% is crossed: 19.03.2013

The holdings may be held by direct or indirect subsidiaries of FMR LLC.

The authorized capital of Melexis NV is EUR 564.813,86 and is represented by 40.400.000 shares. The total number of voting rights amounts to 40.400.000.