Melexis presents Inspired Engineering at Electronica China

Melexis booth at Electronica China 2017 - Melexis

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 2 March 2017 - Melexis will showcase at Electronica China (Shanghai, 14 - 16 March, Hall E4 Booth 4400) a series of interactive in-vehicle networking, 3D imaging and temperature sensing demos. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover how the company enables customers to create ground-breaking and highly differentiated products in automotive, smart appliances and building automation application fields. The global microelectronics company will also present its new brand identify and demonstrate how inspired engineering can enable the best imaginable future and fulfill the needs of its growing Chinese customer base.

The LIN RGB demo illustrates the major advances Melexis is making in the personalization of vehicles’ interior lighting, based on the brand new MLX81115 dual-channel driver IC. With built-in 16-bit microcontroller and 32 kB of Flash memory, this IC enables the control of multiple LEDs through the LIN bus, with color mixing and color calibration functions being taken care of. It can also compensate for temperature changes and alteration to LED output characteristics over their lifetime.

The Time of-Flight (ToF) 3D imaging demo showcases Melexis’ ToF semiconductor technology. This provides a streamlined ToF sensing solution that is unique in being fully optimized for automotive implementation, thanks to its sunlight robustness and its ability to operate at elevated temperature levels. Visitors to the Melexis’ stand will be able to witness the capturing of detailed QVGA resolution ToF imaging data in real time for HMI and in-cabin monitoring use.

Highly suited to occupancy detection, as well as in-cabin monitoring for climate control, the recently released MLX90640 is a 32x24 pixel resolution infrared (IR) sensor array that can deliver industry-leading noise performance, high temperature accuracy and rapid responsiveness. The demo into which this is incorporated affirms its operational effectiveness as a people detection solution in a smart building context, providing a more compact and financially attractive alternative to high-end thermal cameras, via use of signal-enhanced thermopile technology.

All three of these engaging demos highlight Melexis’ abilities to deliver cutting-edge engineering and add real value to customers worldwide through innovative technology and the ongoing recruitment of highly experienced and technically astute staff.

“At Electronica China, Melexis will provide further evidence of how inspired engineering can deliver real-world benefits to future applications that support safety, comfort and efficiency,” said Michael Chen, Regional Sales Manager APAC at Melexis. “Through our new brand identity and our extensive portfolio of advanced sensing solutions, motor/control drivers and wireless and wired devices, we will show our ambitions to develop innovative technologies that ‘sense’, ‘drive’ and ‘communicate’ for the best possible future.”