Melexis launches its official Chinese website to facilitate integration into the domestic market and better serve its customers in China

Launch Chinese Website - Melexis

Shanghai, China, 16 November 2017 - Melexis Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is committed to assisting China in establishing an appropriate offering for electronic products and to improve the design capability of high-tech products, aiming to support the global development of China's high-tech industry with its world-leading technology. In this regard, Melexis decided to launch its Chinese official website in November 2017.

In recent years, the new energy automobile market has been booming. The market size of China's automobile electronics chip industry was 31.8B yuan in 2015, and is continuously increasing with the compound annual growth rate of over 10%.

As a global leading company in automobile semiconductor sensors, Melexis aspires to play an important role in the growing Chinese market. As China becomes one of the world's largest automobile producer and consumer markets, the demand portion for semiconductors is increasing with the automobile market trend.

Melexis moreover applies its core experience in automotive electronic chips to expand its product portfolios in sensors, actuators, and wireless devices, so as to meet the broad range of demands in other markets such as intelligent home appliances, home automation, industrial and medical applications.

As China is on its way to becoming one of the world's largest automobile producer and consumer markets, Melexis wants to help Chinese engineers further by launching its official Chinese website. It is the company’s latest step to further expand its footprint and increase business investment in China.

“Melexis website will offer you a refreshingly brand-new experience in electronic industry,” said Jun Chen, APAC Regional Director of Melexis Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.