Melexis starts construction of its new building in Sofia

Expansion in Sofia - Melexis The Belgian company will invest 75M EUR in facility expansion, spread on 15,000 sq.m. The investment creates new jobs in Sofia.

Sofia, Bulgaria - 4 July 2018 - Melexis laid the first stone of its new building in Sofia’s quarter Gorublyane on Wednesday 4 July.

The facility expansion, which will spread over the impressive 15,000 sq.m., will further extend the complex of Melexis in Sofia, which already occupies the significant 7,500 sq. m. The new building is expected to be fully operational within two years, and around 17M EUR will be invested still by the end of this year.

The groundbreaking of the new building is part of the ambitious five-year expansion plan of Melexis, which includes significantly expanding the manufacturing space, R&D and warehouse facilities. The plan of the Belgian company is to invest a total of 75M EUR over the period of the next five years.

The new building in Sofia is a new generation type and in line with the modern possibilities for energy efficient facilities, by having an automated building management system, intelligent temperature and light monitoring, reuse of energy and heat already used by the building equipment.

The building will use the contemporary interior design concept for offices - activity based working. This means that the office space will be organized according to the way employees organize their work activities - separate spaces for individual work, teamwork, brainstorming sessions, informal meetings, and open air work space, with a different interior design according to the specific purpose of the space.

The open space concept, which is part of the company’s philosophy now, will be kept and will facilitate the teams working together, having fast access to each other and support when needed in a flat, non-hierarchical structure.

"Our goal is to make the office in Sofia an even more attractive location for Bulgarian and foreign specialists who choose to live and work here. For the next five years, we have ambitious plans that we start to implement with the start of this expansion. Our team is expanding as well. The growth follows the global trend of Melexis and in Bulgaria the recruitment for this year focuses on the development, manufacturing, supply chain and IT departments," said Sylvain Collot, Site Manager of Melexis Bulgaria.

At present, Melexis Bulgaria, which was established in 2000, employs more than 475 people, and the plans include an expansion of the team with 100 new hires (up to 575 people) until the end of 2018 and a total of 300 new hires until 2022.

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