Inauguration chair of Melexis and Antwerp Management School

Inauguration Chair of Melexis and Antwerp Management School - Melexis

Mens sana in corpore sano 4.0.

Tessenderlo, 29 August 2019 - Today, scientists are already able to ‘hack’ people thanks to rapid developments in biotechnology, AI, neuroscience, etc. At the same time, resilience in an exponentially changing world is a key concern for companies today. There is an urgent need for scientific and technological progress also at the service of well-being in the workplace. This is why Melexis and the Antwerp Management School joined forces in a pioneering chair that deploys technology and insights from neuroscience to strengthen organizations and their people.

Melexis has long been recognized as a role model in the field of high-performance organizations with a focus on well-being at work. Our CEO Françoise Chombar talks about "creating a yin yang between people and results." With the chair "Developing High-Performance Organizations through Neuroscience and Technology", Melexis goes one step further. Thanks to the chair, Antwerp Management School will have the opportunity to conduct fundamental and applied research on how to make organizations future-proof and to develop balanced leaders.

Prof. Dr. Steven Poelmans, holder of the chair, states: “Mental strength and health are essential for creating knowledge and guaranteeing quality, two pillars of the new economy. Training the brain to make better decisions, especially in times of stress, makes people and organizations more performing and more resistant to stress. Companies that do not invest in health and well-being in the workplace will soon be forced out of the market. The front runners of Industry 4.0 will be the companies that are first to focus on the collection, analysis and application of biometric data to increase performance and well-being.”

Heidi Stieglitz, VP HR Melexis: “We are proud to be the Prime Foundations partner of the first chair on high performance organizations in Belgium. The Chair fits perfectly within our wide portfolio of initiatives to develop and stimulate individual and organizational learning. We are really excited to be part of this.”

On the picture, from left to right: Prof. Dr. Steven De Haes, Françoise Chombar, Prof. Dr. Steven Poelmans, Prof. Dr. Bart Cambré