Thirty years of inspired engineering (watch video)

Enjoy a timeline full of firsts.

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 9 December 2019 - For over 30 years now, Melexis has been imagining - and creating - the best future possible. To celebrate this exciting milestone, we enjoyed compiling an animated overview of our journey so far. From where it all started - with a tiny chip and lots of promising ideas - to where we are today: a global leader in semiconductor sensors, supplying 1,2 billion integrated circuits annually.

Throughout our journey, we never stop focusing on providing innovative solutions that enhance the daily comfort and safety of our customers’ end-users. And this video just shows a glimpse of all the exciting projects we were involved in.

So we created micro-electronic integrated circuits ranging from our first dashboard light sensors and window lift chips to power steering sensors, from drivers that power fans inside your home over the sensors in your phone to sensors that measure the temperature in your microwave.

And with recent solutions like hand gesture recognition, rain - light sensors and ambient lighting, we keep introducing new technologies and we keep thinking about the most positive impact they could have. Our goal? To reduce environmental footprint, enhance safety and security and provide comfort for end users.

So yes, as we watch this animated video, we are indeed proud of our journey so far. And in a world that is rapidly changing, we are fully ready for the new challenges ahead.

Video: 30 Years of Inspired Engineering (1m45s):