Melexis showcases new website homepage

A new structure, more applications content and an updated homepage should help the website visitor better understand what Melexis has to offer and allow them to find what they’re looking for more quickly.

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 25 January 2021 - The world, the industry Melexis operates in and Melexis itself haven’t stopped evolving ever since we launched a new branding and website in 2016. To let our (future) customers better understand what exactly we as a company have to offer and to make sure website visitors find what they’re looking for quickly, it has been decided to give the corporate website a make-over.

The updated products section allows visitors to find products more easily and the new applications section gives a better view on which of our products could serve which applications. Renaming “insights” to “tech talks” makes it possible to add different kinds of technology inspiration in this section, such as videos and white papers. Under “tech info”, several sections that were often difficult to find were grouped, so that now it is a section supporting customer design in a self-serving mode. And there’s more to come in 2021!

The Melexis team likes to think of its website as an important customer, feeding it with relevant content and support if needed. You are more than welcome to share your feedback with us. Please do so by completing the website feedback form.



New homepage 2021 #Melexis 


Applications page

Applications page #Melexis 


Tech info page

Tech info page #Melexis