Melexis cools servers with a code-free 1-coil fan driver

Tessenderlo, Belgium 23 May 2024 – Melexis unveils the MLX90418, an all-in-one 1-coil brushless DC (BLDC) fan driver. This IC solution is pioneering a code-free single-coil fan driver able to support server-specific functions such as power-loss braking and AC power-loss management. Targeting the ever-expanding server market, the MLX90418 represents a highly effective 1-coil solution that reduces Bill of Material (BoM) costs by up to 25% compared to existing three-phase BLDC fans.

Melexis cools servers with a code-free 1-coil fan driver

The number of servers continues to increase to meet the demands for data storage and processing power, including cloud services and AI. This market has a growing need for dependable cooling solutions that fulfill the performance requirements at the right cost.

Single-coil solutions are the standard for server cooling fans up to 15 W. For higher power fans either MCU-based 1-coil, or 3-phase solutions are considered. With the release of the MLX90418, 1-coil solutions are extended up to 30 W in 4 cm and 6 cm server fans. The code-free plug-and-play functionality, avoids the need for software validation of MCU-based solutions, freeing up key engineering resources for realizing more projects in less time and enabling faster production ramp-up. The MLX90418 covers demanding server application requirements, such as AC power loss handling. Additionally, its power loss braking (PLB) capability with 8 A braking current, allows fast and safe servicing, and avoids the negative impact on the thermal efficiency of the server cooling system due to pressure bleeding, in case of a malfunctioning fan.

The latest 30 W 4028 single fan solutions offer similar pressure/flow performance compared to legacy 4056 twin fans of a similar power rating, reducing footprint and system cost. With its high speed and low vibration operation, the MLX90418 is the ideal fit to operate such 30 W fans with speeds up to 40k m-RPM.

Building on Melexis’ automotive design and production quality standards, the MLX90418 offers a reliable solution for long-lifetime applications, ideal for low-maintenance server cooling applications.

“The MLX90418 is a plug-and-play solution that addresses the technical requirements of modern data center server cooling systems, providing efficiency, performance, and long-term reliability,” said Xuanhong Ou, Marketing Manager at Melexis. “With this IC we offer the possibility to replace the more expensive three-phase solutions, and accelerate the transition from twin fan to single fan, offering significantly lower BoM costs, with less engineering time.”

The MLX90418 is supplied in DFN10 packaging and is available to order now.

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