Triaxis® Micropower Magnetometer (Magnetic Field Sensor)


The Melexis MLX90393 is the newest addition to the Melexis position sensing portfolio, bringing the highest flexibility in the portfolio's smallest assembly. Complementing this, the magnetic field sensor is designed for micropower applications, with programmable duty cycles in the range of 0.1% to 100%.

The MLX90393 magnetic field sensor can be reprogrammed to different modes and with different settings at runtime. The sensor offers a 16-bit output proportional to the magnetic flux density sensed along the XYZ axes using the Melexis proprietary Triaxis® technology and also offers a temperature output signal. These digital values are available via I2C and SPI, where the MLX90393 is a slave on the bus.

By selecting which axes are to be measured, the raw data can be used as input for further post-processing, such as for joystick applications, rotary knobs, and more complex 3D position sensing applications. Unparallelled performance is achieved with this sensor, which is primarily targeting industrial and consumer applications.
Triaxis® Micropower Magnetometer (Magnetic Field Sensor) - MLX90393

Features and benefits

  • Miniature QFN package 3x3mm

  • In-application runtime programmable functional parameters

  • Trade-off between current consumption, speed and signal noise with best-in-class Figure of Merit

  • Can be used to measure magnetic XYZ and temperature T or any combination thereof

  • Duty cycle between 0.1% and 100% (continuous burst)

  • Single measurement mode, burst mode and wake-up on change mode

  • SPI slave and/or I2C slave with 2 bits HW addressing and 5 bits SW

  • For certain encoder applications speed is crucial, which is possible by increasing the duty cycle to 100% (i.e. maximum current consumption) and minimizing the conversion time (i.e. higher data rate at the expense of more noise on the signal). Other battery powered applications that only require occasional sensor readout can opt for a different trade-off: reduced duty cycle (lower current consumption) and an average conversion time for reduced noise.

Practical applications

Flow Meter

Our flow meters allow accurate measurement of fluid movement. The spinning magnets will switch the Hall sensor, producing a square wave output with frequency proportional to the flow rate.


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Gamepad Joystick

Accurate, robust and contactless method for acquiring position data in gamepad and game console applications.


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Used in these


  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Industrial & Robotics
  • Building, Security, Home & Office Automation
  • Consumer Solutions
  • White Goods & Household Appliances
  • Non-Automotive Transportation

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