Triaxis® position sensors selection guide for automotive market

This selection guide gives a detailed overview of Melexis’ magnetic position sensors for the automotive market:

MLX90290, MLX90316, MLX90324, MLX90333, MLX90340, MLX90363, MLX90364, MLX90365, MLX90366, MLX90367, MLX90371, MLX90372, MLX90373, MLX90374, MLX90376, MLX90377,MLX90378, MLX90380, MLX90381, MLX90393, MLX90395, MLX90421, MLX90422, MLX90423, MLX90425, MLX90426, MLX90427, MLX91377

Triaxis® position sensor selection guide for automotive and industrial applications:

  • 1.3 MB PDF
  • Revision 13, May 2024