250 kHz Programmable Hall-Effect Current Sensor with Enhanced Thermal and Lifetime Stability


The Melexis MLX91209 is a fully customer-programmable monolithic sensor IC packaged in standard SIP package. The Hall current sensor provides a high speed analog output signal proportional to the external applied flux density. The MLX91209 current sensor enables the user to construct a precise current sensor solution with fast response time of 3µs.

Main Features

The MLX91209 sensor is automotive qualified and particularly appropriate for DC and/or AC current measurements up to 200 kHz with galvanic isolation, fast response time and small package size.

The current sensor features over voltage and reverse voltage protection including diagnostics. The transfer characteristic of the MLX91209 is fully customer programmable (offset, sensitivity and response time).

Current Sensor Applications

In the typical application the sensor is used in combination with a ring shaped soft ferromagnetic core. The Hall-IC is placed in a small air gap and the current conductor is passed through the inner part of the ferromagnetic ring. The ferromagnetic ring concentrates and amplifies the magnetic flux on the Hall-Sensor IC which generates an output voltage proportional to the current.


The Melexis MLX91209 is especially well suited for applications requiring very fast response time such as inverters. It can be used in many different fields such as hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), electric vehicle (EV), solar panels, etc.

Product Versions

  • MLX91209CA – default magnetic sensitivity 50mV/mT, programmable in range 5 to 150mV/mT
250 kHz Programmable Hall-Effect Current Sensor with Enhanced Thermal and Lifetime Stability - MLX91209

Features and benefits

  • Programmable high speed current sensor

  • Fast response time < 3µs

  • Large bandwidth DC - 200 kHZ

  • Fast analog output (12 bits resolution DAC)

  • Selectable ratio-metric output

  • 48 bit ID number

  • Single die SIP (VA) package and RoHS compliant

  • Lead-free component, suitable for lead-free soldering, MSL3
Used in these


  • Automotive - Hybrid & Electric Powertrain
  • Industrial & Robotics
  • Building, Security, Home & Office Automation
  • White Goods & Household Appliances
  • Non-Automotive Transportation

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