250 kHz Programmable IMC-HallĀ® Current Sensor with Enhanced Thermal and Lifetime Stability


The Melexis MLX91208 is a fully customer-programmable monolithic sensor IC packaged in standard SO-8 package. The sensor features the IMC-Hall® technology, which leads to very high sensitivity thanks to integrated magnetic concentrators (IMC) deposited on the die. The Hall Sensor provides a high speed analog output signal proportional to the external applied flux density. The MLX91208 current sensors enables the user to construct a precise current sensor solution with fast response time of 3µs.

Our MLX91208 current sensor is automotive qualified and particularly appropriate for DC and/or AC current measurements up to 250 kHz offering galvanic isolated current sensing with fast response time and in a surface mount standard package. A proprietary and novel design element allows also reducing drastically long term drift, which warrants stable performance over lifetime.

The transfer characteristic of the MLX91208 is fully customer programmable (offset, sensitivity and response time), compensating for the process variation of the mechanical/magnetic assembly in the application module.

Product Versions:

  • MLX91208CAL – programmable magnetic sensitivity: 100 to 700mV/mT

  • MLX91208CAH – programmable magnetic sensitivity: 50 to 300mV/mT

  • MLX91208CAV – programmable magnetic sensitivity: 30 to 200mV/mT
250 kHz Programmable IMC-Hall® Current Sensor with Enhanced Thermal and Lifetime Stability - MLX91208

Features and benefits

  • Customer programmable high speed current sensor

  • Different IMC versions supporting different current ranges

  • Fast response time < 3µs

  • Large bandwidth DC - 250 kHZ

  • Improved lifetime stability

  • Fast analog output

  • 48 bit ID number

  • Single die SO-8 package and green compliant

  • Lead-free RoHS component, suitable for lead free soldering, MSL3
Used in these


  • Automotive - Hybrid & Electric Powertrain
  • Industrial & Robotics
  • Building, Security, Home & Office Automation
  • White Goods & Household Appliances
  • Non-Automotive Transportation

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