Potting and overmolding

Potting of plastic encapsulated ICs

Melexis products are plastic encapsulated devices and as such are considered non-hermetic packages: therefore they shall always be protected by potting or conformal coating in harsh media applications. Potting consists on dispensing a significant volume of adhesive in a housing. Conformal coating is a thin layer (applied by spray, brush or dipping) on top of the PCB or component surface

Download guidelines for potting of plastic encapsulated ICs (PDF - 200 KB)

Overmolding of Melexis products

Overmolding is a process by which a Melexis IC on a PCB or on a PCB-less assembly is inserted into an injection molding tool, and a molten polymer material is injected to surround partly or completely the assembly. In this way, the electronics can be embedded in a plastic housing, for environmental protection and mechanical robustness.

Both thermoset and thermoplastic material can be used with overmolding Melexis plastic encapsulated ICs. The material choice depends on module size, application environment (media) and customer experience and preference with overmolding process and material.

Storage and handling of Melexis devices at customer side should follow guidelines in J-STD-033 Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Surface Mount Devices. Key parameters are printed on the label attached to the product packing.

Guidelines for overmolding of plastic encapsulated ICs (PDF - 200KB)