Melexis introduces highly embedded sense and drive solution for automotive DC motor applications

Solution for sun roof control application - MelexisSolution idea for automotive sun roof opening, window lift and seat movement designs.

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 18 December 2017 – Melexis today announced the availability of a complete sense and drive IC solution for automotive brushed DC motor applications such as window lift, sun roof, and seat adjustment. Faced with shorter time to market challenges, and the need to incorporate more smart features, the solution aids engineers to quickly develop a high performance, low bill-of-material DC motor drive and sense design with a dedicated application-optimized chipset.

Sense and Drive logo - MelexisThe two-IC combination consisting of two new products, the MLX81325 motor pre-driver, and the new MLX92255 Hall-effect latch, provides a cost-effective approach to designing a distributed motor drive control application using an automotive industry interface communication standard.

Packaged in a compact QFN32 32-pin 5 x 5 mm format, the MLX81325 smart motor driver hosts a 16-bit embedded microcontroller and a 32-bit math coprocessor, an industry standard Local Interconnect Network (LIN) interface and protocol controller and four power FET PWM pre-drivers capable of driving two DC motors. The ability to drive power FETS instead of traditional relays enables applications with a low audible noise and smooth start and stop drive capability, factors that are becoming an increasingly important aspect of new vehicle design. Addition device features include current sense, diagnostic and additional GPIO.

Providing the sense function and interfacing to the MLX81325 in this combined solution is the MLX92255, a dual Hall-effect latch that has two-speed outputs. Using a mixed-signal CMOS process technology, the device integrates two Hall sensors that feature advanced offset cancellation and two open-drain output drivers.

Marc Lambrechts, Product Manager for Embedded Motor Drivers at Melexis, comments, “OEM customers are constantly looking for new ways to design-in more smart functionality into their distributed network automotive solutions. Industry adoption of simple yet very reliable networks like LIN has also driven demand for a more performance optimized and integrated approach with a reduced bill-of-material to sourcing components for these applications. We are meeting this demand with the launch of complete IC solutions that will help accelerate the design process and reduce the time spent in prototyping and development phases.”


Download DC motor window lift motor product flyer (PDF - 950 kB)