Triaxis® Position Sensor Assembly

The MLX90364 Triaxis® product is based on a Dual Mold Package (DMP) which integrates the Triaxis® Position Sensor MLX90365 together with the discrete decoupling components necessary to meet the strenuous automotive ESD and EMC requirements as well as the mechanical robustness for the most challenging environments.

The MLX90364 carries over all the characteristics and features of MLX90365 such as Linear and Rotary Position Sensing capability, Analog and PWM output, ASIL-B.

Once encapsulated, this DMP can be welded or soldered directly to a rugged connector or termination and further potted or over-molded. The DMP simply makes the conventional PCB redundant while keeping intact all the features and benefits of the Triaxis® contactless sensing technology.
Triaxis® Position Sensor Assembly - MLX90364

Features and benefits

  • Absolute Linear and Rotary Position Sensor

  • Robust Dual Mold Package (DMP) feat. 4 Decoupling Capacitors (ESD/EMC)

  • Reliable Module Integration

  • Simple & Robust Magnetic Design

  • Triaxis® Technology

  • -40°C - +150°C Ambient Temperature Range

  • Programmable Measurement Range (Angle up to 360 Degrees)

  • Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic

  • Programmable Linearization Algorithm: Arbitrary Points or Piece-Wise-Linear

  • Selectable Output Mode: Analog (Ratiometric) and PWM

  • 12 bit Angular Resolution

  • 10 bit Angular Accuracy

  • 48 bit ID Number

  • Broken-Track Diagnostic (Open-Vdd, Open-Vss)

  • On-Chip Diagnostics - ASIL-B (SEooC)

  • Over-Voltage Protection

  • Under-Voltage Detection

  • AEC-Q100/Q-200 Qualified - Grade 0

  • DMP-4-VS Package RoHS Compliant

Practical applications

EGR High Temperature Sensor

This emissions reduction solution is able to deal with high temperature levels, sensing up to 1.300°C, that characterize automotive environments.

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Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

Melexis has a range of automotive-grade, magnetic based position sensors that can precisely determine throttle valve position.


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Used in these


  • Automotive - Transmission
  • Automotive - Powertrain
  • Automotive - Hybrid & Electric Powertrain
  • Automotive - Body, HVAC, Comfort & Lighting
  • Automotive - Chassis & Safety
  • Non-Automotive Transportation

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