Triaxis® Position Sensor

The MLX90367 is the Generation II½ of Triaxis® Position Sensor featuring SAE J2716/SENT protocol.

Thanks to an Integrated Magneto-Concentrator (IMC) on its surface, the monolithic device senses, in a contactless fashion, the 3 spatial components (i.e. Bx, By and Bz) of the applied magnetic flux density.

This unique sensing principle applied to a position sensor results into an impressive robustness of the position signal over the mechanical (airgap, off-axis) tolerances.

The rotation of this horizontal component is sensed over a wide range (up to 360º - complete revolution) and processed by the on-chip DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to ultimately report the absolute angular position of the end-of-shaft magnet.

Alternatively, through measuring individually the horizontal and vertical components, the MLX90367 is able to address linear stroke (displacement) position sensor and also absolute rotary position sensor with a through-shaft magnet..

From the sensing and reporting perspectives, the MLX90367 is an extremely versatile product for any stand-alone remote position sensor application.

The output transfer characteristic is fully programmable (e.g. offset, gain, clamping levels, linearity, thermal drift, filtering, range...) to match any specific requirement through end-of-line calibration. The Melexis programming unit PTC-04 communicates and calibrates the device exclusively through the connector terminals (Vdd-Vss-Out).

The MLX90367 targets and is used in a myriad of non-contacting rotary position sensor applications in automotive systems requiring SAE-J2716/SENT protocol.

The device is available in single and dual redundant implementations to cost-effectively address the full range of applications, including safety critical sensing requirements.

The MLX90367 is offered as an ASIL-B SEooC (Safety Element out of Context - ISO 26262) component.

The MLX90365 is pin-to-pin compatible with the Generation I½ of Triaxis® Position Sensor featuring SAE-J2716/SENT (MLX90324)
Triaxis® Position Sensor - MLX90367

Features and benefits

  • Absolute Linear and Rotary Position Sensor

  • Simple & Robust Magnetic Design

  • Triaxis® Technology

  • -40°C - +150°C Ambient Temperature Range

  • Programmable Measurement Range (Angle up to 360 Degrees)

  • Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic

  • Programmable Linearization Algorithm: Arbitrary Points or Piece-Wise-Linear

  • Output Protocol: SAE-J2716/SENT (2007-2008-2010-2016)

  • 12 bit Angular Resolution

  • 10 bit Angular Accuracy

  • 48 bit ID Number

  • On-Chip Diagnostics - ASIL-B (SEooC)

  • Over-Voltage Protection

  • Under-Voltage Detection

  • AEC-Q100 Qualified - Grade 0

  • Single Die - SOIC-8 Package - Lead-free & RoHS compliant

  • Dual Die (Full Redundant) - TSSOP-16 Package - Lead-free & RoHS compliant

  • Pin-to-Pin compatible with Gen. I½

Used in these


  • Automotive - Transmission
  • Automotive - Powertrain
  • Automotive - Hybrid & Electric Powertrain
  • Automotive - Body, HVAC, Comfort & Lighting
  • Automotive - Chassis & Safety
  • Non-Automotive Transportation

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