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Our environmental responsibility

Our quality and environmental policy strives to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible because we take our responsibility to both people and planet very seriously. This environmental awareness and responsibility translates into many different areas. Melexis continuously monitors and measures its environmental performance in order to be able to improve it.

Our quality and environmental policy is based on five principles:

  • Sustainable development: we develop products and processes that have a minimal impact on the environment, now and in the future.
  • Prevention is better than cure: we design products that are ‘safe at launch’ and ‘first time right’, maximizing the value of the effort and materials used.
  • The total environmental impact counts: production (including energy consumption), use and end-of-life disposal have as little effect as possible on the environment.
  • An open dialogue with all stakeholders: everything we do contributes to our corporate social responsibility, with team members playing an active part. This positive attitude helps determine the financial and technological success of our company. We are proud of our daily efforts to produce less waste, improve efficiency and contribute to building a sustainable future.
  • Zero incidents: throughout the entire supply chain and life cycle of our products, we ensure robust competitive processes that continuously reduce incident occurrence and enhance incident detection.

We aim to use our technological expertise to improve the quality of people’s lives. Our environmental program focuses on three aspects: our environmental efficiency (relating to the life cycle of our products), our environmental effectiveness (relating to our processes and work environment) and our environmental social responsibility (taking into account our Melexis values and strategies).

This means, among other things, that we are continuously looking for ways to reduce emissions and energy by designing the right and ‘green’ products for our customers who are also increasingly looking to minimize their impact on the environment. We reduce our use of raw materials as much as possible and we are always looking for the most environmentally-friendly materials to use in our products.

We design our packaging to facilitate its recycling and re-use. We look to reduce our CO2 emissions and use renewable energy as much as possible. We minimize waste by separating it efficiently to ensure recycling. And we apply the 5S strategy to ensure effective workflows and areas, travel and transportation as we encourage carpooling and streamline shipments and deliveries.

We monitor our environmental impact In the light of our business activity, it should be noted that ISO 14001 certification rules have defined Melexis as a company with low environmental impact. Melexis designs high-tech semiconductors and integrated circuits and its main production process is testing: we probe products on wafer level and subsequently on the final device.

This means that no chemical substances or hazardous substances are used in our production sites. We use nitrogen for low-temperature testing, electricity is the main source of energy for our operational processes and our water consumption is merely destined towards basic usage in our facilities, for example for showers, toilets and wash basins.

However, we practice a ‘precautionary principle’ by identifying, assessing, preventing and continuously improving risks related to environmental, quality, supply chain and sustainability aspects. Our internal requirements and targets are often more stringent than applicable guidelines, laws and standards. We do this not just to comply with legal requirements but because we, just like our customers, are genuinely concerned with any impact our solutions may have on their final end-user products.

That is why Melexis employs a variety of mechanisms to monitor, measure and improve the effective implementation of our quality and environmental management system. These include the follow-up on environmental key performance indicators by maintaining balance score cards, specific reporting (including details about waste, water, nitrogen, electricity …) and regular internal audits in accordance with the Melexis global audit program.

We comply with environmental and industry standards

ISO 14001 certification sets the parameters for an environmental management system. It provides a framework for establishing effective energy-efficient processes and to limit waste, reducing environmental risks and supporting the development of energy-efficient solutions. We have passed all ISO 14001 audits in 2019. We comply with all locally relevant environmental legal requirements for our production sites.

Recognized standards are of crucial importance in the automotive industry and thus also essential to suppliers like Melexis. Vehicle manufacturers must be able to trust suppliers to have their processes under control, understand their customers’ needs and continue to innovate. The IATF 16949 quality management system certificate demonstrates that we meet all these criteria.