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IHR Melexis PPM Programmer

IHR (Shanghai) Automotive Electronic Technology Ltd.

IHR GmbH is an international authority specialist in in-vehicle network testing,founded in 1991. As a member of LIN alliance, ISO Group and OPEN alliance, IHR participates in drafting standards on LIN BUS and Automotive Ethernet. Therefore IHR performs third-party conformance test recommended by SAE, LIN alliance and OEMs. Meanwhile, IHR offers global development service of in-vehicle network and testing tools.

IHR Shanghai is the subsidiary of IHR GmbH in China. IHR Shanghai is responsible for business of IHR in China, including test service, software development, product sales and technology support.

IHR Melexis PPM Programmer is suitable for production line. Based on Melexis PPM communication protocol, this programmer accomplishes data flashing by LIN cable. It supports MLX81118, MLX81332, MLX81334, MLX81340, etc. And it supports flexible channel selection. IHR Shanghai provides PC software. So the data can be manually flashed through PC. And also the programmer can be embedded in the automatic production line for full automatic flashing .


  • Support Melexis PPM Communication Protocol
  • Support PPM Baudrate Configuration
  • Support Melexis LED drivers and Melexis Embedded Motor Drivers
  • Support 4 Channels Parallel Flashing
  • Support RS232 Communication with PC/PLC
  • Support Manual /Automatic Flashing
  • Equipped with PC Software


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Website: www.ihr-sh.com

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