FLATEK Inc. Tester function and Auto- E platform with programming service
Flatek was established in Taiwan in 2002, focusing on the support for IC programming (such as driver ICs) and professional testing / programming services (tester/ programmer). We have established support centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Japan and Taiwan with years of experience. We are ISO 9001 certified since November 2006, and aim at improving the quality and service in testing & programming business.

With our quick response, reliability, accuracy and professional attitude, we set our ultimate goal as providing timely service and bringing satisfaction for our worldwide customers.

  • Tester function after programming
  • All-in-one with Programming+ ink/laser marking+ taping on Auto-line production
  • Taping, reeling & baking service
  • Marking service with CO2 Laser and Ink Dot Marking
  • 3D or 2D Lead Inspection
  • Bonded factory certification
  • Logistic, on-site and local service


  • Offline IC programming
  • Support Melexis PPM Communication Protocol
  • Support Melexis Embedded Motor drivers ICs
  • Support Melexis Fan & pump driver ICs
  • Support Melexis Smart led driver ICs
  • Auto-load coding system with programming coder order
  • Programming log data records
  • First article is verified and recorded as a reference (golden article)
  • Flexibility order Short L/ T, High UPH, Lower initial cost


Contact: sales@flatek.com
Website: www.flatek.com