Xeltek Inc.

Xeltek Inc. Xeltek is a global leader in the development of a wide range of device programming tools dedicated to online/offline IC programming for chips such as NAND Flash memories, NOR Flash memories, microcontrollers, EPROM, EEPROM, PLD, and other programmable devices.

Xeltek products cover a wide range of applications, from low-end to high-performance engineering, and from gang and cluster medium volume programming to automated handlers. Additionally, Xeltek is the only company in the world that supports more than 125K+ devices on a single universal programmer..

Xeltek provides a range of universal IC programmers, including automated IC programmers, in-system programmers, production IC programmer.


  • Online/offline IC programming
  • Support 125K+ devices on a single programmer
  • Development or production


Contact: sales@xeltek.com
Website: www.xeltek.com

Xeltek inc.