Melexis electronica 2018 booth showcases interactive demonstrations of sensing technology

Electronica 2018Automotive-focused demos display magnetic, thermal and vision technologies.

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 8 October 2018 - Melexis will have a significant presence at the electronica 2018 show where its booth will be packed with informative and interactive technology demonstrations. Melexis will also be working closely alongside four key distributors at their booths and participating in the ‘electronica Experience’ (Hall C6) – aimed at employer branding and recruiting of young talent.

The Melexis booth (Hall B4, 542) will feature multiple demonstrations around the core theme of its competence in innovative solutions for automotive applications:

Virtual Reality automotive cabin: Melexis developed a unique VR experience especially for electronica Munich 2018. In the virtual Melexis car, visitors will fully and interactively discover the many novel applications for current sensing and Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors. Accompanied by video footage, visitors will also be able to understand how other Melexis sensors enhance the modern vehicle.

Electronica 2018 - Virtual Reality automotive cabin

3D magnetic cube and e-knobs: The 3D magnetic cube demo showcases Melexis’ Triaxis® technology with its MLX90393, using LEDs to show the movement of a permanent magnet within a 3D space. As the magnet moves, the LEDs change and follow the motion exactly. This demonstrates how Triaxis® technology provides a simple and effective solution for sensing movement in automotive applications such as gear shifters. The MLX90393 also features in two e-knob-based demonstrations that further showcase Triaxis® technology and its applications within a vehicle.

Automotive water pump: Based around the MLX81325 motor driver, this demo showcases Melexis’ embedded motor drive technology and how it can be used to drive automotive pumps as well as many other applications. The demo is supported by an informative video.

FIR people detection: Melexis’ MLX90640 is a 32x24 pixel thermal array that uses far infra-red (FIR) technology to sense temperature without physical contact. Effectively a small thermal camera on a chip, the device can detect the presence of people due to their body temperature. The on-booth demonstration will use the MLX90640 and a proprietary software algorithm to detect visitors to Melexis’ booth – this technology could equally be used to detect vehicle occupants.

Body skeleton tracking: The Time-of-Flight based demo showcases the new evaluation kit (EVK) that detects people as a 3D cloud. Advanced software allows plotting of key distinguishing body features, such as joints. The demo includes multiple lighting scenarios to show how this technology is unaffected by poor lighting conditions, making it suitable for ADAS and other critical automotive applications.

Melexis will be present at the electronica 2018 show in Munich from 13-16 November 2018. The company can be found in Hall B4, booth 542 where all of the above demos – and more – can be seen during the show.

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